I am a freelance sound designer, sonic artist and a musician. My activities encompass industrial sound design, composition and music production and teaching. I have strong affinities in languages, graphic design, visual, digital arts and cinema.


I began training as a violinist and pianist at the conservatory. As I later became involved with experimental bands, I began to write, play guitar, drums, explore analog synthesizers. After a brief foray into philosophy studies, I graduated in Musicology at Paris IV - Sorbonne University, and in Musical Acoustics at Paris National Superior Conservatory, where my main interests were early, contemporary music, ethnomusicology and psychoacoustics. While studying sound processing, acoustics, analysis, computer assisted composition and orchestration at conservatories or at IRCAM workshops, I also trained as a lyric singer, premiered contemporary pieces as a solo singer, or performed in an early music ensemble. When I was forced to leave professional singing behind, I eventually chose to redirect my energies and pursue a Sound Design Ma. This was started in France, and finished in Northern Ireland at SARC, while working as a professional for the industry. I was drawn back to musical performance and am now a saxophone player. After starting a Phd at Virginia Tech, I returned to Europe to focus on audio signaletics, spatial audio, sonification, and intallation-based projects, as well as instrumental performance and electronic music. I also teach music and sound design individually, in audiovisual and art schools.

Sonic Art and Sound Design

My cultural, academic, and artistic training has led me to develop a proficiency for analysis, abstraction, and conceptualization, while providing me with a methodology that nurtures my work. I have also developed an sensibility that roots in cultural pluralism, curiosity, and tradition, and integrates the dialectics of technology, tools and languages. My broad range of experiences have influenced my approach to projects, from composition and sonification to installation. I am driven to explore the potential of the tools at my disposal: instrumental performance, recording, sequencing, differed or real time sound synthesis, interaction, spatial audio, or multimedia programming environments. My work in science and technology oriented fields, as well as curiosity, have developed my ability to adapt, to self-educate, and to communicate within the artistic or engineering backgrounds. I consider any material from a musical standpoint, and any method a tool for a new language in the making. All the while, I question the aesthetic validity and integrity of my own work in order to maintain a high standard of artistry and professionalism. .

Work Ethics

As a sound designer, I explore and implement the solutions to a given problematic in a way that is ecologic, functional, and aesthetic. As a sonic artist, I am driven to develop various types of projects in an exploratory way, while incorporating a poetic and empiric knowledge and a performer's experience, and seek to collaborate with artists beyond the boundaries of my speciality. I consider technical skills as tools in the service of the art: whether art expresses a reflection or an inner necessity, it should generate a dialectic relationship with tools rather than being modeled by them. Hence, artistic creation seems all the more challenging, given the evolution rate of technologies that are most of the time extrinsic to it, and how easy it can be to substitute a simple knowledge and implementation of software, for example, in place of an artistic expression. As an intellectually curious musician, I consider this challenge to be well worth undertaking.

Areas of Interest and Skills
  • Performance
  • Teaching
  • Orchestration
  • Composition
  • Analysis
  • Transcription
  • Edition
  • Interactive Installations
  • Audio Scenography
  • Sonification
  • Interaction
  • Audio Signaletics
  • Spatial Audio
  • Art/Science/Multimedia
  • Research and Writing
  • Differed & Real Time Synthesis
  • Programming
  • Psychoacoustics & Cognition
  • Auditory Analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • Sound Analysis
  • Recording/Sequencing
  • MaxMSP
  • CSound
  • Audiosculpt
  • Finale
  • Protools
  • Ableton Live
  • Processing
  • OpenMusic

Coralie Diatkine
Musician, Sound Artist & Designer

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