Those works were produced during my orchestration studies at Paris Superior Conservatory and performed by the students under the direction of composer and wonderful professor Alain Louvier.

Belfast City HospitalConductors
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Karlheinz Stockhausen
Klavierstück XI (2006)

Orchestration for piano, french harpsichord with jeu de luth (buff stop), harp, three percussionists. The rules that determine the material organization by the performer have been applied to the orchestration as well.

Claude Debussy
La Belle au Bois Dormant (2006)

Melody for baritone and symphony orchestra. A youth work.

Arnold Schönberg - Excerpts -
Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke (2005)

Orchestration of Klavierstücke I, V and VI, from the opus 19, for chamber ensemble. The orchestration of Klavierstück VI, a tombeau to Gustav Mahler, has been organized according to cyclic principles, to embody the toll of the bell for the death of the composer.

Everything Else (2003)

Mixt composition for double bass and tape, premiered by Sebastien Beliah, Naxos Bobine, Paris, 2003.The bass score was composed according to spectral analysis and cyclic organization of pitches and playing modes, while the tape material is based on double bass and percussion sound analysis and synthesis.

EverythingElse-ScoreEverything Else
EverythingElse-ScoreEverything Else
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198.198 (2002)

The audio material results from the stretching and filtering of tibetan cymbals with Audiosculpt, and organized with a sequencer. I was interested in generating a continuum of timbre, exploiting multiple aspects of the sound material, and experimenting on the effect of simultaneous or successive microintervals on timbre.

Chanson d'Ariel (2000)

First electroacoustic piece, based on the processing of the voice of a comedian reading Ariel's monologue "Full fathom five..." in William Shakespeare's Tempest. Despite the stereo format, the piece was premiered on acousmonium in a conservatory in Paris. I am still looking for the tape...

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