Electronic Music

Those works were produced during my sonic arts studies at SARC and Virginia Tech. Esquisses - quad and stereo- was written with Csound a C based computer programming language. Palpitations d'un clair obscur was produced with MaxMSP, a visual programming interface. I plan a binaural version with this 3D audio tool.

Esquisses / Stereo / Quadriphony (2014)

Granular and subtractive synthesis, quadriphony, and 2D VBAP spatialization. It focuses on perceptual effects and their relationship with spatialisation. The possibilities of a single material - noise - are exploited . Hence, specific features are explored in the quadriphonic version. plus

Palpitations d'un clair-obscur (2013)

Inspired from the visual impressions produced by the sound material, it renders a diversity of thoughts, images or musical memories that occurred on a particularly serene day. plus

Belfast City Hospital (2012)

Three short soundscapes composed around Belfast City Hospital. Use → and ← for navigation and audio control as specified in the documentation and take the time to see the directions display on the pages. Please ignore the control bar. Good speakers or headphones required.

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