How to Download and Listen to the Sounds :

In this website you will be offered to listen and download my audio works via Soundcloud, or directly from the page, with a click on the corresponding icons.

SoundCloud Playlist    Sound and doc

Soundcloud allows to browse the audio files, which is particularly convenient for listening to some of my research works, such as spatial audio samples. It also allows downloads of original uncompressed files, but listening to mp3s only which is regrettable, although being advantageous for weak connections. Not having found an alternative to play sounds via another browser yet, this seemed a decent compromise.

Default Player and Original Files Sounds

Selecting the orginal files allows listening and downloading works directly in their original uncompressed format when available, while focusing on sound more than image, which I would recommend.

Quad and Binaural Files

Some of the pieces or samples are quad or binaural files. Quad format requires a front left, front right, rear right, rear left speaker layout. Binaural recordings require headphones.


All available works are under a Creative Common licence that excludes commercial exploitation or transformation. All the information about copyrights and creative common licences can be found here and with a click on the Creative Commons logo of the corresponding page.