Improvising with the Alto Saxophone

I picked the saxophone in april 2013. Although it is somewhat new to me, my musical, vocal training and experience of improvised music benefit this first approach of the instrument. Additionally to a rather conventional way of learning universal technique and elements of jazz, I am currently exploring its sound palette and developing my language without any pre established restrictions. I hope to integrate performance in sound installations with live processing and spatialization. My saxophone is a Selmer Reference. I first used a classic Selmer beak, and now I use a medium Otto Link.

Home Recordings - Summer 2015

A few additional sonic elements, a new beak, and a better recording equipment, in the living room. Recordings are not compressed.

Raw Recordings - Autumn 2014

This is the first of a series of recordings. I was practicing and felt like improvising, as often. I thought after playing for a few minutes that keeping track might be interesting and useful, and that I should do it regularly for my personal archives. The recording is rudimentary, done on the fly, in my room, with Audacity and the laptop microphone, in pretty dry acoustics. I am also merely really exploring some fingerings and embouchure effects, while having in mind a sense of form, colour and melodic/harmonic structure. Well, really just sketches.