I worked on the following projects a sound designer for the industry in France.
The number of elements made public here are limited, due to non-disclosure agreements.

Experimental Alarm Sound Design
  • Agence Nationale pour la Gestion des Déchets Radioactifs
  • Employer: Life Design Sonore, ANDRA
  • Mission: design of set alarm sounds sketches for an underground nuclear waste stockage facility. Sounds should be non anxiogene, easy to interprete by humans from any origin, culture, language, in very remote future (up to several thousands of years), without any other type of available informaiton on the nature of the danger.
  • Function : Free Lance Sound Designer. Sound Design, technical report writing.
  1. Perception of alarm sounds papers survey
  2. Definition of a perceptual framework
  3. Samples design in MaxMSP

Interaction and Sonification
Electric/Thermic Cars Sound Design
  • Client: a main actor of the french car industry.
  • Employer: Genesis Acoustics
  • Mission: design of inner sounds and real-time sythesis programmes in Max MSP, to improve the vehicle speed control, energy consumption and ergonomy.
  • Function : Sound Designer. Branding, user experience thinking, sound design, programming with MaxMSP
  1. Definition of a workframe based on sounds functionality and cognitive aspects
  2. Definition of an ecologic sonic identity suiting the image of the firm
  3. Integration of engine data, mapping and sonification in MaxMSP
  4. Presentation at the company's headquarters

Trampoline Sonification
Sonification and Composition
Ringtones Sound Design
  • Client: a luxury french watch maker and jewellery
  • Employer: Genesis Acoustics
  • Mission: minute repeater sound design from physical models and a novel digital time coding
  • Function : Sound Designer. Branding, realisation
  • Collaborators : Pierre Guillon, engineering, Christophe Lambourg, acoustics
  1. Definition of an aesthetic and identity in relation with the client's image and minute repeater history
  2. Identification of the physical model time coding system onstraints
  3. Musical system conception
  4. Ringtones composition for different thematic identities, physical models, associating timbral, melodic and harmonic parameters
  5. Translation in a Matlab in-house programme
  6. Presentation at the company's headquartes, technical and artistic report writing

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