I have specialized in Ambisonics and binaural spatialisation techniques. I design tools, carry independant researches, sound experiments and artistic projects in that field.

Spatial Audio Tools
Publication: Holistic Spatialisation of Multiple Sound Sources

Extended abstract, 21st International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD-2015) July 8-10, 2015, Graz, Austria. Coauthors: Miguel Ortiz (Goldsmith Universtiy London) and Stéphanie Bertet (Sonic Art Research Center, Belfast).
Abstract :
A modular tool for real time spatialisation of multiple sources in three dimensions, based on a mixed Ambisonics or Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) to binaural technique, coupled with an interface that allows to position sound sources using free-hand gestures with a Leap Motion in a visual 3D environment. It is implemented in the real-time programming environment Max/MSP.

Virtual Sound Sculpture ProjectHolistic Spatialization

ICAD 2015 Live Patch Demo !

Tools: 2 and 3D Ambisonics/Binaural Spatialization

These works were produced at SARC under the guidance of Dr Stéphanie Bertet and Dr Miguel Ortiz. They describe tools design with MaxMSP for the spatialization of sound sources in two and three dimensions, using a mixt Ambisonics to binaural spatialization technique allowing for the simulation of a virtual speaker layout with simple headphones, and a positionnig system implementing an emergent behaviour -boids- algorithm.

Towards the Design of Virtual Sound Sculptures:
a Tool for Multiple Sources 3D Spatialization (2013)

This report presents a multiple sound sources spatilization tool. The spatio-temporal positionning of sources is controled with boids, encoded in 1st to 5th order 3D Ambisonics, then converted to binaural format. Two drawbacks should be addressed :
-the large scale distance rendering engenders long lapses of silence.
-lack of versatility of boids integration, causing glitches with a high number of grains.

Design of an Algorithm for the Conversion of
2D and 3D Ambisonics Signals to Binaural Signals (2013)

This report describes the conception of an algorithm for the real time conversion of 2D and 3D B-Format Ambisonic signals to binaural signals. A first algorithm was designed for the 2D Ambisonics to binaural conversion. A 3D version is currently developed from the 2D algorithm which is fully functional.

Project : Virtual Sound Sculptures

As a sound artist and designer, I am particularly interested in the development of three dimension sound installations via Ambisonics, binaural and Wave Field Synthesis spatial audio techniques. Additionnally to a proposal, you will find reports, papers and sound samples that relate to the virtual sound sculpture project I am currently developing.

Proposal : Towards the Design of Virtual Sound Sculptures
(2013-2014, currently reviewed)

This document is a Phd proposal initiated in the continuation of my spatial audio studies, which I use as a workframe for a virtual sound sculpture project that encompasses sound installation/design and interaction, and involves sound creation, spatial audio techniques, psychoacoustics and cognition. From a historic prospect, the concept of sound sculpture embraces plastic, conceptual as well as sonic arts, making an idiosyncratic use of motion in the composition of shape. A prominence of matter on sound has first related sound sculpture to plastic arts, sonority being a mere illustration of a motion conceived for its visual effect, until the sound dimension got to be treated as a property in its own right, with sound-specific goals and criteria.plus

Virtual Sound Sculpture ProjectVirtual Sound Sculpture Project
Psychoacoustics and Computational Acoustics
Distance and Shape Auditory Assessment in Natural Acoustics (2013)

This paper aims to provide a critical standpoint for the design of virtual sound sculptures. Few studies have been lead in that field, and some difficulties arise when combining creation and research. Firstly, perceptual and cognitive factors interact in sound shapes perception. plus

Psychoacoustics PaperDistance and Shape
Auditory Assessment...
Simulation of a Rectangular Vibrating Membrane with Modal Synthesis (2013)

This report describes the modal formulation in the digital domain of the modeling of an elementary vibrating system, the harmonic oscillator, and the string. Despite the important share given to mathematical developments, an effort is made to relate those with a physical reality. plus

Computational Acoustics Report Simulation of a Rectangular
Vibrating Membrane...

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